imageimageimageimageI’m sorry; I’m not good with coming up with creative headcanons, I can only come up with embarrassing swoncest situations in my head
the question is: why did I put so much effort in the colouring errrr

(who their cabinmates are is up to everyone’s own interpretation, haha)

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oncest the soap opera


Ahhh this came out pretty~~

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Good night guys! I leave you with this adorable picture. Enjoy ~ (source: Deviantart. Artist: unknown)

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One of my favorite pastimes. 

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they’re just really good


if the customers are buying
and the money, multiplying
and the pr people, lying
and the lawyers are denying-

who cares if some things are dying?


my ‘biggering’ feels overflowed too much.


I really really like how this turned out okay

You guys have no freaking idea how much I adore every single thing about Greedler. <3


need a thneed? by ~impossiblevariable

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