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Wherein I put potatoes in a condom for science.

iamjustabitofchaos said: So what brought this on? And who in their right mind thinks that you SHOULD put three bags of potatoes in a condom?

Condom University DC  has a bunch of condom facts here, but one of the facts states that you can put 3 bags of potatoes into a condom.

It’s weird, because all the other facts are real, but this one is not.

Maybe they were talking fingerling or baby potatoes? And if you end up testing with three bags of either I’ve got some tasty recipes to do with them after.

The picture on the site looks like huge canvas bags full of russets

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How tall are you? I’m like Jean ^^

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im 165cm so im like in between armin and sasha

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This is a 14 page story I’ve been working on for the past couple months (which is why there’s been a slow down in updates). I hope you like it, I worked pretty hard on it!

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Kute x 10000000…000000

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After Playing Kingdom Hearts 2
Me: All the Organization wanted was a Heart was that such a crime
After Playing Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance
Me: Oh......
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themainkitteh asked: Has un-collared Banjo performed any epic feats of strength? Apart from shoulder-pressing full kegs.


Hah uh.. Yeah I suppose? Most of it’s been accidental though. Stuff like crushed wine glasses, crushed cuddle buddies, crushed furniture… I always enjoy picking up littler guys, but i’m so uncoordinated that I just feel like I look goofy all the time. 

Oh! I guess there is that one time we were running late and my friend couldn’t parallel park her sedan so i got out and just kinda grabbed the bumper and dragged it into place… She still teases me about that.

<3 ~ Banjo

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I’m just afraid everyone’s going to get sick of me. I’m sick of me.

The Ladies of Hannibal in Every Episode
1.05 Coquilles